July 2015

Milk Stories: Sarah, Minneapolis, MN

Sarah DallumOur son Benjamin was born February 27, 2011. Unfortunately, he was deprived of oxygen sometime during his birth and suffered severe brain damage. We were in the NICU at Children’s Hospital Minneapolis for 7 days with our son before we pulled his life support. (more…)

Natalie – Salida, MO

Natalie SmithMy sweet baby girl was born in January of 2013. I had successfully breastfed her older brother and planned for the same with her. I am “blessed” with a fast letdown and abundance of milk. I was choking my baby and quickly looked towards pumping to ease the situation. Before Grace was 12 weeks old, I had a deep freeze full of milk and knew I would soon be throwing some out. A local lactation consultant pointed me to the Milk Bank. (more…)

Corey – Highlands Ranch, CO

Corey SullivanWhile I was pregnant, a good friend had her twin babies early. They stayed in the NICU and received donor milk. She was so grateful for donor milk for her little ones, that when I had a surplus of milk, I wanted to give the gift of human milk. I would wake up for my little one’s 4 am feeding, nurse until she was full, and would pump. Friends and family used to ask why I stayed up during the night to pump milk, especially if my little one didn’t need it – wasn’t sleep for me a more rewarding option?! (more…)

Dana – Omaha, NE

Dana RitterbushOn February 3, 2013, my husband and I were blessed with our son, Jonah. Jonah was admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit shortly after birth and was fed a very small amount of my breast milk through a nasogastric tube. I pumped breast milk every 3 hours and froze the excess milk. Jonah peacefully passed away in our arms after just 67 blessed days. (more…)

Cindy – Redmond, WA

Cindy GouldingMy daughter, Victoria, was born with a heart defeat (HLHS) that requires 3 open heart surgeries. Two of these happened in her first year of life. She has spent most of this first year in the hospital. (more…)



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