February 2016

Milk Stories: Daisy & Aiden

Milk Stories: Daisy My son Aiden was born at 34 weeks and only weighing 2 lb, 13 oz at birth. We were quite surprised at his size as we thought he was fully developed. We had Aiden at Rose Hospital in Denver and while we were at the NICU we learned so much about preemie babies. The nurses there were truly amazing and they were the ones that explained the Mothers’ Milk Bank process and how many babies they helped.

Aiden was definitely one of the babies who benefited from Mothers’ Milk Bank and I was truly thankful for that because I know how difficult it would have been for us had he not had that available. It took me a while before I was able to produce enough breast milk but after I was able to, I made sure to save as much milk as I could so that I could help other babies that were in a similar situation as my son. When I was finally able to donate, I was truly happy to know that my milk was being put to good use. I plan to donate in the future.

Thank you, Mothers’ Milk Bank.



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