March 2016

Milk Stories: Heather

Hello! I am sharing my story in hopes that is brings comfort to someone out there. I donated milk to Mothers’ Milk Bank from December 2015 to February 2016. I decided in August of 2015 I was going to donate. My donation means so much to my heart because it was in honor of my Angel Owen.

Owen was born in November 2015 and lasted just moments before going to heaven. He had a genetic condition so very rare, and we knew in August our time with him would be very brief. I wanted to give other babies and mommies a fighting chance. I had an over supply from my first son born in 2014 so I knew I would have an okay milk supply to donate. I began pumping the week after my son was born and made sure to keep it up as long as I could.

Donating has helped the process of stitching my broken heart back together. I know my little angel is so very proud of me and I am so grateful to have been part of this amazing community of donating mothers. Cheers to you and your wonderful babes!

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Milk Stories: Jessica & Jaycee

milk stories_jessica and jaycee_march 2016My daughter was born just two days shy of 36 weeks. She was an emergency c-section due to me having preeclampsia and also having elevated liver functions. I had spent most of the summer in and out of the hospital due to this and finally my body had had enough.

Jaycee was born at 6:11 pm, small but healthy, and I remember the NICU team standing by ready to wheel her over to the NICU. Having my child in the NICU took an emotional toll on me but I knew she needed to be in there to get strong so she could go home. She was in there for 13 days and while she was in there I was pumping so she could receive it through a bottle but I still had more than enough left over. I found out about donating while she was in the NICU and that was one of the most rewarding things I was able to do. After being approved to donate, I donated around 800 ounces while still being able to pump/nurse my daughter.

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