March 2017

Milk Story: Megan & Frankie

Megan Arritt and Frankie Milk DonorMy daughter was born 17 weeks early in May 2014 on the 22/23 week line. The only way I knew how to help her at first was to pump, pump, pump. Since she could not have much milk at the beginning, I filled our freezer fast and was able to donate some of her milk. We were very blessed that she did well in the NICU and came home the week of her due date. I made it my goal then that should we ever be blessed with another baby I would try to pump and donate more milk. We were soon blessed with another baby in June 2016 who was born full term! I have pumped when I could find the time and as you can see he is very happy to share! We have seen first hand the fragile babies who receive this precious milk and we encourage others to look into milk donation. It truly saves lives!


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