March 2017

Kadria & Baby Boy

Kadria Milk Donor When my son was born in Nov. 2012 he never would latch. He arrived slightly early at 36 weeks. I was terrified of losing another child as we had a stillborn baby born Nov 2011 at 37 weeks gestation. I had never even considered pumping until that moment. I pumped with him for 6 months I found out that I produce a lot of extra milk. I ended up throwing a lot of milk away that I had frozen because I had never heard of donating milk. We had another child March 2014, full term and I pumped right away. I had found a place to donate but it was quite a way away. I ended up donating 600 ounces. With our last baby born June 2016, again I started pumping right away. This time there was a milk collection point in our town! Every week since then I take my kids with me and we go donate milk. They have built  such a good relationship with the nurses. It was my little ones birthday awhile back. He had three things he wanted to do since he was turning three. Go the the playground at burger king, go to the park, and go the the hospital with milk. It warmed my heart that it was what he wanted to do. The nurses surprised him with a party just for him. Cupcakes and present, party hats and all! My little one loves his nurses! I felt that you should know that not only is the program helping mothers with Kadria MMBmilk but it is helping me feel more in touch with the community which can be very difficult for a young mother of three. I donate because I’ve had many friend have babies in the NICU and there is very little I can do to help them, but since I over produce milk (donated over 66 gallons so far), this is a way I can help. I love helping those families in such a special way.

– Kadria

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Milk Story: Megan & Frankie

Megan Arritt and Frankie Milk DonorMy daughter was born 17 weeks early in May 2014 on the 22/23 week line. The only way I knew how to help her at first was to pump, pump, pump. Since she could not have much milk at the beginning, I filled our freezer fast and was able to donate some of her milk. We were very blessed that she did well in the NICU and came home the week of her due date. I made it my goal then that should we ever be blessed with another baby I would try to pump and donate more milk. We were soon blessed with another baby in June 2016 who was born full term! I have pumped when I could find the time and as you can see he is very happy to share! We have seen first hand the fragile babies who receive this precious milk and we encourage others to look into milk donation. It truly saves lives!


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