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Q: How do parents get a Best Start baby box?
A: It takes only three easy steps for new and expecting parents in Colorado to get their FREE Best Start baby box:

  1. Register for free online at as a Colorado resident. Be sure to include your correct contact information, including mailing address.
  2. Watch videos and take quick quiz. Watch the 10-15 minute Colorado Best Start Program at After taking a short quiz, you will get a certificate of completion and be able to select local pick-up of your Best Start baby box.
  3. Select pickup option. If you select local pick up, bring your Baby Box University certificate to the closest Colorado participating distribution partner to collect your Best Start baby box. Please note: delivery is available; however, visiting a local Distribution Center to pick up your Best Start baby box is more timely. Delivery can take 3-4 weeks or more.

Q: Where do I pick up my Best Start baby box?
A: Please refer to the Colorado Distribution Center map to identify a pick-up location near you.

Q: Why is RMCHF taking on this program?
A: We believe every baby born in Colorado deserves the best start in life. A best start means, a) all babies have a safe place to sleep, b) can reap the benefits of human milk as their first food, and c) will thrive by building a healthy brain.

Q: How does it work?
A: The Baby Box Co. comes into play in the Best Start Program because in order to participate, Colorado families are required to enroll in a community education program on the Baby Box University platform before receiving their free baby box. The Best Start Program online curriculum was specially created by local health experts in the three areas of focus. Once participants complete the online syllabus and receive a certificate, they will be considered participants in the program. Participants will then have access to continuing education and will receive a Best Start baby box.

Q: Who is RMCHF partnering with for this initiative?
A: RMCHF owns and operates Mothers’ Milk Bank (MMB), the largest nonprofit milk bank in North America. RMCHF is working with Bright by Three and Vroom to provide creative tools and materials that turn everyday moments into brain building moments. Every family who receives a Best Start Baby Box will receive brain building materials from Bright by Three. RMCHF is partnering with The Baby Box Co on the safe sleep initiative. RMCHF developed an online Colorado specific curriculum for Colorado families who complete the curriculum are eligible for a free Best Start baby box. RMCHF has developed a Colorado-custom box, Best Start baby box. Contains educational materials in English and Spanish. Limited number of boxes contain sleep sacks.

Q: Who is Baby Box Company?
A: The Baby Box Co. is an innovative, integrated program to support parents and improve maternal and infant healthcare outcomes globally. The Baby Box Co. partners with hospitals, government agencies and nonprofit organizations to provide baby boxes, quality products, resources and ongoing education to families on a large scale.

Q: Are baby boxes water resistant and do they have proper air flow?
A: Our baby boxes have been extensively tested for water resistance, air flow, flammability, and durability as well as standard bassinet structural compliances.

Q: Is it the box or the education that impacts SIDS?
A: First and foremost parents need to know how to practice safe sleep habits. Empowering parents with education can protect against SIDS. No product can unilaterally do so and any product can be used unsafely in the absence of education, including ours. That’s why our Best Start Program combines education with product to support parents.

Q: Why are some parents choosing baby boxes over other traditional safe sleep spaces?
A: Not only are our baby boxes a tested safe sleep space, but they are also highly portable, manufactured with sustainability in mind, and made widely available in concert with our educational program.

Q: Are the baby boxes’ hard walls an issue, in terms of sleep safety?
A: We meet safe sleep standards and our product has been tested specifically for ventilation. And as a side note, hard walls are actually much safer than soft or squishy walls — this is why bumpers are so unsafe, because babies have been smothered by them. Pillows are similarly dangerous, whereas a firm, solid mattress will help to keep a baby safe.

Q: Will the box tip over if my baby rolls?
A: According to the numerous tests that have been conducted by independent facilities, baby boxes are durable and sufficiently designed to remain upright, even if baby rolls.

Q: Is there a weight limit?
A: Yes. The tested weight limit is 52 lbs, so no infant would ever reach our product’s weight limit in their first six months of life.



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