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When Sierra found out she was pregnant with her first baby, she was over-the-moon. But just one week later, she was rushed to the emergency room and began dealing with what would become a roller coaster of health issues, all of which resulted in a grim prognosis for the survival of her baby. On the first day of her third trimester, baby Abigail was born prematurely via emergency caesarean section at just 28 weeks, weighing 1 lb. 13 oz.

Abigail spent the next 64 days in the neonatal intensive care unit fighting for her life. Sierra was unable to return to work, which meant a loss of income and a struggle to pay bills and added medical expenses. Her husband Joel, a mechanic, worked 60 hours a week just to make ends meet. In their time of need, RMCHF stepped in to offer financial support that helped pay for groceries and infant respite care so Sierra could focus completely on the health and well-being of her baby and herself. Today, Abigail is a thriving, healthy baby girl thanks in-part to the support her family received from RMCHF.

Every day, RMCHF receives requests on behalf of families like Abigail’s, who are going through heartbreaking medical diagnoses or traumatic life-altering experiences. Each child’s illness, injury or birth condition is different, as is the support their familiy needs when the unthinkable happens. In the face of a family’s ever-changing needs, RMCHF provides consistent support to foster hopeful and healthy families.

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“Words cannot express how thankful my husband and I are to receive support. It is programs like these that give us relief and much needed help. No one plans to have a child early therefore you are never really ready for the challenges in the NICU and after. Thank you with all our hearts.”  – Sierra, Abigail’s mother


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The dollars that go to RMCHF go directly to patients and their families and that sets this foundation apart from others where fundraising is for the bricks and the mortar and the equipment. It’s really for the families and the patients. -Dr. Steve Leonard



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