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Emma’s parents call her their “little tornado,” an active and super sweet six-year old who was born with Treacher Collins syndrome. A rare genetic condition that affects 1 in 50,000, Emma’s diagnosis has forced her to overcome more obstacles than a typical kid her age. And despite enduring 26 surgeries, Emma still struggles with hearing loss and under-developed facial bones and tissues, which make everyday activities a constant challenge.

Emma and her family found comfort when The Stink Bug Project matched them with Snowflake, a calm and loving golden retriever. Through countless hospital stays, procedures, and surgeries, Snowflake has been the perfect companion for Emma, and a blessing for the entire family.

Today Emma is a thriving, happy little girl, thanks, in-part, to the support her family received from The Stink Bug Project, a program of Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation. During stressful times, Snowflake doesn’t leave Emma’s side and her family has noticed an improvement in her speech as she learns dog commands to communicate with her furry best friend.Emma and Snowflake3 - Copy

“Snowflake fits so well into our family. She is such a blessing and truly my little girl’s best friend!” – Angela, Emma’s mom

Every day, RMCHF receives requests from families who have a child diagnosed with a serious medical condition and are looking for the perfect furry companion to bring joy and comfort when times are tough. Each child’s illness, injury or birth condition is different, as is the support their family needs. In the face of a family’s ever-changing needs, RMCHF provides consistent support to foster hopeful and healthy families – and dogs.

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