Meet Sarah

Sarah had experienced two wonderful, healthy pregnancies. Her two older children, Kael and Haddie, were thriving. When she learned she was pregnant with her third child, Aeva, Sarah and her family didn’t imagine this journey being any different. It wasn’t until Sarah was six months pregnant that she received a life-altering diagnosis – breast cancer.

The questions and worries associated with how to handle cancer during pregnancy flooded Sarah’s thoughts as her due date was fast approaching. After extensive consultation with her doctor, Sarah was treated with chemotherapy while Aeva continued to safely grow inside her. To everyone’s relief, Aeva was born just one week early, perfectly healthy.

After breastfeeding her older children and knowing the vital benefits, Sarah wanted Aeva to start life with human milk too. As a result of chemotherapy treatments, she was unable to provide Aeva with her own milk and relied on Mothers’ Milk Bank (MMB), a program of Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation (RMCHF), to supply nourishing donor human milk during those first critical months of Aeva’s life.

“Just one less thing in the list of worries or stressors. For going through a hard journey, it’s as good as it can be, so you feel blessed. You feel like you’re being watched over and helped and taken care of.” – Sarah, Ava’s mom

Sarah still has more chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation ahead, but is grateful that her precious little girl is now a thriving, healthy 16-week old, thanks, in-part, to the support her family received from RMCHF and MMB.

Every day RMCHF supports families with fragile infants who need precious donor human milk to thrive. Each child’s illness, injury or birth condition is different, as is the support their family needs. In the face of a family’s ever-changing needs, RMCHF and MMB provide consistent support so fragile babies, like Aeva, along with their families, are hopeful and healthy.

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