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Littleton brothers get surprise trip to Disneyland

Littleton brothers get surprise trip to Disneyland



DENVER — Since 2008, the Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation has been giving.

With programs like the Stink Bug Project, Milk Bank and Patient and Family Assistance, tens of thousands of children and their families receive much needed help.

“Any family that has a patient who is being treated for a pediatric disorder, sometimes they are terminal patients, often times they are kids who have chronic illnesses,” said Luanne Williams, The Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation executive director.

And with all the giving the foundation has done, somebody has got to receive.

And who better than 6-year-old twin brothers Beau and Brody.

“Beau and Brody have had a lot of medical issues and problems over the years,” Williams said.

Those issues include epilepsy, kidney illness and hearing problems. Now they live in a loving and safe home provided by Stefanie and Todd.

And the icing on the cake? The entire family will be going to Disneyland on an all-expenses-paid vacation, thanks to the Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation and the nonprofit Ginny’s Kids.

With the love of their mom and dad, Beau and Brody will have a pretty good shot at life, not to mention throwing Mickey Mouse into the mix.

View full story via Fox 31 Denver here.

Your gift makes a difference

The dollars that go to RMCHF go directly to patients and their families and that sets this foundation apart from others where fundraising is for the bricks and the mortar and the equipment. It’s really for the families and the patients. -Dr. Steve Leonard



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