Blood Testing

Blood Testing

As part of the donor screening process, all prospective donors must have a small blood sample taken for testing. Blood testing is an essential step in the donor screening process and helps us to guarantee safety for the fragile infants that use the milk.

Mothers’ Milk Bank covers the cost of all blood testing.
We realize that life is hectic with a newborn baby, so we will work with our prospective donors to make sure we find the most convenient location for their blood draw.

The following are options for locations of blood draws:

Prospective donors MUST complete the verbal screening and fill out the medical history form prior to doing their blood tests. Mothers’ Milk Bank staff will help you make arrangements for your blood test after they have reviewed your medical history and determined that you are eligible to become a donor.

To begin the process of becoming a donor, please call 303.869.1888.

The blood is tested for antigen to the HIV-1 and -2 (AIDS) and Hepatitis B viruses, and antibodies to Hepatitis C, and HTLV-I and –II, and syphilis. At this time, Mothers’ Milk Bank does not accept milk from anyone who has ever been at risk for HIV-1 or -2 or is infected with the virus. HTLV is a rare disease which is distantly related to HIV and can be associated with leukemia. If a donor shows conclusive confirmatory evidence of any of these viruses, we will not be able to use her milk, and it can be returned to her.

If any of the above tests are positive, the health care provider named on your screening form will be notified to discuss the confidential results with you. Positive results are reportable to the State Department of Health.


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