Receiving Milk for Your Baby

Mothers’ Milk Bank (MMB) offers and encourages the use of donor human milk for ALL infants who need it. Donor human milk is often described as a “bridge” between birth and breastfeeding, protecting babies from illness and infection. Some mothers may experience a delay in their milk “coming in” and need donor human milk for their babies for a day or two after leaving the hospital. During this time, infants can continue using donor human milk from MMB.

Donor human milk is essential for any baby with a weakened immune system or special dietary needs. Donor human milk is also used when a mother has undergone a mastectomy, is ill or taking certain types of medication, or has given birth to multiples and does not have an adequate supply.

MMB provides donor human milk as a community service, charging only a tissue-processing fee. This fee helps to offset some of the costs associated with the donor screenings, milk processing, and milk testing.

To place an order online:




To place a pick-up order:

Donor human milk is available for pickup at MMB’s facility from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. Please call MMB prior to pickup. Donor human milk can also be shipped. Please call MMB for a shipping quote and to schedule delivery. Online Ordering is available at MMB accepts credit cards, exact cash or checks. If your baby has a medical need for the milk and you cannot afford the tissue processing fee, you may qualify for MMB’s financial aid program. Please call 303.869.1888 for more information.

To receive donor human milk for your baby after discharge from the hospital, you will need the following items:

  • A prescription from your baby’s doctor in your baby’s name, stating “donor human milk as needed.” It may be brought to MMB when milk is picked up or can be faxed to MMB at 303.839.7336.
  • An infant medical history form must be completed prior to receiving milk. We encourage you to complete the medical history form prior to pick-up, and can be accessed here. This may also be completed at MMB.
  • A consent form for donor human milk must also be signed by the baby’s parent or legal guardian.

MMB charges a tissue-processing fee for the milk and cannot directly bill insurance companies for this fee. Please contact your insurance company to determine whether they will cover the cost.

MMB strives to always have milk ready to provide to infants in need, but please note that all orders are subject to availability.

If you have questions regarding receiving donor human milk for your baby, please contact us at or 303.869.1888.



Do you produce milk in excess of your own baby’s needs? If so, consider donating to Mothers’ Milk Bank. Your extra milk could help babies in NICUs all over the country. Just one ounce of milk can feed a micro preemie for an entire day.



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