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Megan Lombardo
Megan | Aurora, CO

When our daughter was born in August 2013, my milk didn’t exactly come rushing in to greet her! In came the lactation consultants to the rescue (and thankfully, the bili lights)! We started using a supplemental nursing system (SNS) with donor milk while she was nursing so she could get a full belly while still helping to stimulate my own milk to come in. We ended up continuing to have to use donor milk from Mother’s Milk Bank and the SNS for a few days after we came home from the hospital until my milk came in adequately. Not only did you help us when we needed it the most at the beginning, but you helped us go on to continue to successfully breastfeed exclusively–6 months in and we’re still enjoying all the benefits of breastfeeding! You and your donors were like my own personal cheerleading section of supporters, pushing me to keep going when I felt like I was completely out of gas and couldn’t go another step. You all are my and my daughter’s angels!

Lindsay McGuiness
Lindsay | Denver, CO

My healthy twin boy and girl were born at 38 weeks- full heads of hair, 5lbs 6oz and 5lbs 4oz, not an ounce of fat on em! We worked and pumped and worked and pumped for the 3 days that we were still hospitalized but my milk still hadn’t come in and my colostrum surely wasn’t enough for 2! The question that we were prepared for came the very next morning after they were borne: formula vs. donor milk? Donor milk! We began offering donor milk after every feeding to make sure that the little stinkers were satisfied and gaining weight. We took some donor milk home to get us through the next several days until my milk came in. Thanks to donor milk getting us through that first week of birth I can very proudly say that my twins were exclusively breastfed for 6 months, didn’t introduce formula until 9 months, and are still breastfeeding today at 15 months!!!

Carla Anderson
Carla | Thornton, CO

Our son was born suddenly and early by c-section before 33 weeks. He was in the NICU for almost three weeks, and we were so thankful that there was donor breast milk available for him his first few days while I tried to get my milk in! It took away from some of the stress of the situation by helping me to relax instead of panic about my milk not being ready right away. Because of this, my milk came in like crazy, and over the three weeks he was in the NICU, I ended up having 500 extra ounces that our baby didn’t use. I was able to donate these to the same milk bank that provided our son’s donor milk. It was such an incredible feeling to walk away from donating that milk, feeling so blessed that our son was helped by the nutrients and antibodies of other moms, and so blessed to be able to give back. We are SO thankful for all the moms who have donated and greatly blessed families like ours! Thank you!!

Jessica Urruty
Jessica | Westminster, CO

My son Eli was born in August of 2013. He is my third child and I planned on breastfeeding him as I did my others children. However 6 hours after he was born I suffered a hemorrhage and lost over a liter of blood. My son was whisked away to the nursery and given some donor milk. Hours later when it was time to nurse him I was still so weak to nurse so I gave him donor milk. As I fed him I knew that some mom somewhere was doing what I just couldn’t. I was so grateful for her gift. When I had recovered I nursed my son just as I had planned. I was so happy to discover that I had such an over supply that I began pumping and pumping and pumping. I had so much milk, more than I would ever use. I decided to donate my milk. So glad I could give back such a precious gift!

Tessa | Bountiful, UT
Tessa Coy3 boys, 3 NICU stays, all premature. Each of my boys were able to receive milk from the milk bank in the NICU until my own milk came in. Being in that situation was very stressful, but knowing your baby will have what he needs, while receiving the extra benefits of breast milk is so comforting when I cannot yet provide it for them. I didn’t know how to donate until Baby #2 but that was always my plan. I was excited to be able to give what my babies and I both have received. In the hospital they call breast milk “Liquid gold”. I’m not a wealthily person and don’t have much to give, but to be able to give my “liquid gold’ to those babies that need it is truly amazing. I hope others will have that comfort even for a moment knowing their baby can receive the best from these amazing women that choose to donate. Baby #3 is three months old now and I’m getting ready to donate for a second time.

Kelly Thexton

Kelly | Johnstown, CO

Alex was born on 10/17/13 & was SGA. My milk had not come in and he needed to eat, so we were given the option of formula or donated milk. The thought of donated milk had not crossed my mind.

It was such peace of mind to know that he could get the benefits of human milk. Though small, he was happy and healthy and we went home. My milk hadn’t come in and he was struggling to latch. The doctor said that with a prescription, he could continue receiving donor milk. It was 8oz of peace of mind. The precious cargo was picked up by Grandpa and carried to Loveland with much care. As soon we had received the first donor milk, I decided I would donate if I could. When my milk came in, it was abundant. I went though the donor screening process and filled my very first 8oz for donation, it was amazing to recall what that amount had meant to us. Now Grandpa helps by dropping off donated milk. I am so proud that I am able to give back, knowing how much it means to other families just like ours!

Tonya | Aurora, CO

Tonya Green BurnsIn November of 2012 we found out that we were expecting twins! I knew of the possible issues that can come with a twin pregnancy. Through the pregnancy we had some challenges and tried to keep the babies in as long as possible! Once we hit 33 weeks, they decided to come. My son and daughter spent 4 weeks in the NICU. The nurses and doctors who cared for them, knew how important breastfeeding was to us, as I had breastfed my older 2 children for over a year each! We decided to give our babies donor milk until I was able to have enough milk for them. Although they only needed it for a day or two, I am so thankful that it was an option for us! I made it my goal after this to donate to the Mothers Milk Bank so that other babies could benefit from this like mine did! I have now successfully breastfed my twins for 8 months, and we are still going strong! During this time I have donated over 2500oz of milk to help out many families in situations like ours!


Do you produce milk in excess of your own baby’s needs? If so, consider donating to Mothers’ Milk Bank. Your extra milk could help babies in NICUs all over the country. Just one ounce of milk can feed a micro preemie for an entire day.



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