Apply for a Stink Bug Dog

Apply for a Stink Bug Dog

The Stink Bug Project is committed to the safety and happiness of the families that we serve, the hospitals and prison personnel that are committed to our program and to the dogs that we place. Currently, Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation can only provide dogs to families living in the Rocky Mountain region. The Stink Bug Project will place only one dog per family. The steps for applying for a Stink Bug dog are described below.

Step One:
You must first complete the application forms.

You can either:

If you are filling the forms out by hand, please return them to Lee Shaughnessy, Director of Programs at Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation.

Applications can be delivered in person or mailed to:

Lee Shaughnessy
5394 Marshall Street, Suite 400
Arvada, CO 80002

You can also email the application forms to or fax them to 303.839.6783.

Step Two:
Download and review the following documents:

Step Three:
The Stink Bug staff will then review your application, check personal references and speak with your physician. If your family is in a rental household, we will need to get a landlord approval.

Step Four:
If your application is approved, we will connect you to the Colorado Prison K-9 Companion Training Program so you can begin searching out dogs that interest you. The phone number to the prison is 719.269.4650 and we urge you to call to get real time information about any dogs you are interested in. Although it may state a dog is available or unavailable, the website may not be updated so for accurate information please call the prison.

Step Five:
Once you have found dogs you are interested in and they are available you may request through the prison that the dog be held as a Stink Bug dog for you to visit and when doing so you MUST let them know you are a Stink Bug family. Then, once you have spoken with the prison and made any arrangements to visit you must contact Lee Shaughnessy or call 720.507.0907.

Step Six:
You have now scheduled a visit and have chosen a dog to adopt. You may take the dog home that same day or have to wait until he/she has completed their eight weeks of training. Along with some demonstration and teaching, you will learn how to continue the commands that they have been teaching your new dog. They will also provide you with a packet of information about training and regular healthcare needs such as vaccinations, nail trimmings and teeth brushing.

The Stink Bug Project supports families, living in the Rocky Mountain region. If you know a child with a serious medical condition who needs a best friend please contact the Stink Bug Project.



P: 303.839.6782

F: 303.839.6783

5394 Marshall Street, Suite 400
Arvada, CO 80002



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