Family Eligibility & Responsibilities

Please consider the following before applying for a dog:

The Stink Bug Project dog adoption program is open to families of children with diagnosed medical conditions, whether acute or chronic, who live in the Rocky Mountain region.

When an animal is adopted by the family, it is owned by the family for the life of the dog. The Stink Bug Project pays the cost of the adoption and the initial materials to set the dog up in the home. Families are responsible for the ongoing feeding, nurturing, veterinary care, and maintenance of the dog.

The Stink Bug Project provides dogs to be used as pets, and do not provide training or funding to finish a dog as a service animal or medical alert dog. Additional training desired must be provided by the adoptive family.

The Stink Bug Project establishes the following requirements and responsibilities of adoptive families.

  • Families must have a fenced yard to adopt a Stink Bug dog.
  • We do not sponsor families to adopt puppies or untrained animals.
  • The Stink Bug Project can only sponsor the adoption of one dog per family.
  • If a family cannot keep their Stink Bug dog after the adoption is complete, the K-9 Companion Prison Training Program requires that it be returned to them and the Stink Bug Project must be notified.
  • Each person coming to the prison system to interview dogs must undergo a background check prior to their interview. More information is available here. (Go to FAQ page.)
  • Families may identify dogs currently available for adoption by the K-9 Companion Prison Training Program, but neither the prison program nor Stink Bug can guarantee the availability of any dog currently listed for adoption by the public.
  • Due to the limitations on the part of both the K-9 Training Program, and the Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation, dogs cannot be shipped to distant states for interviewing or adoption. Families must be willing and able to travel to Colorado to choose and transport their dog.

Please see additional notes about the adoption process at Stink Bug FAQs.

The Stink Bug Project supports families, living in the Rocky Mountain region. If you know a child with a serious medical condition who needs a best friend please contact the Stink Bug Project.



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