The Magic of Donor Human Milk for Maya’s Family

In July 2022, Esther and her family welcomed sweet baby Maya. Esther planned to breastfeed her, just like she did with her two older children, but within days, she found out she wasn’t producing enough milk. They needed to find another solution.

Esther was worried she would need to supplement with formula. Since Maya was born in the midst of the formula shortage, this was a scary plan. Esther worried she wouldn’t be able to find enough formula, and wanted to make sure her baby was well fed.

When they needed another option, Mothers’ Milk Bank stepped in. The nurses at the hospital used donor human milk to help give Maya the best possible start in life.

“We were so relieved in the hospital,” Esther said. “Donor milk was a game-changer for our family.”

Thanks to our generous community, Maya was able to continue receiving donor human milk after she went home from the hospital, giving Esther peace of mind knowing her baby had the nutrition she needed.

Mother in hospital holder her new baby with her family beside her
Mother and father in the hospital hold their new baby
Mother holds her new baby