About Us

Our Mission

To ensure newborns, pediatric patients, and their families have the financial, nutritional, and emotional support they need during the most challenging moments in their lives.



Making a difference for families

Each year, Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation provides critical support to more than 10,000 pediatric patients and their families. Thousands of babies in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) receive precious donor human milk, children with serious medical conditions are matched with loving companion dogs, families will receive financial support in difficult times, and children in the hospital are comforted by a furry friend.

We believe the world is better when neighbors support neighbors. Families never know when their child is going to be impacted by illness or injury, and when it happens, we’re here to help.

We provide the financial, nutritional, and emotional support that pediatric patients and their families need to meet their essential needs, allowing them to focus on their child’s well-being. This support takes shape through RMCHF’s four key programs:


Patient & Family Assistance

supports essential needs for pediatric patients and their families, from gas and grocery cards to rent and mortgage payments. When your child is ill or injured, there are a million worries on your mind and choices to be made – and everyday essentials shouldn’t be one of them. We also provide tangible items like car seats, diapers, clothing, toys, and books to support pediatric patients.

The Stink Bug Project

supports families who have a child diagnosed with a serious medical condition. The Stink Bug Project matches well-trained, loving companion dogs with families throughout the Rocky Mountain region. These dogs are trained in the Colorado Correctional Industries’ K9 Training Program and provide much-needed comfort during challenging times. Finding a best friend in tough times can make a big difference for the entire family.

Mothers’ Milk Bank

is a nonprofit milk bank that collects, tests, processes and provides donor human milk to fragile babies across the country. We are part the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA), and consistently provide life-saving milk to over 30 states across the country.


brings joy and comfort to children at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children in the form of an on-site hospital dog, Posey. Having a soft, lovable, furry companion onsite helps pediatric patients look forward to seeing the Child Life team at the hospital. This trust and ease increases compliance, improves outcomes, and decreases stress and anxiety for the patient and family.

We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our community. By making a gift to Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation, you ensure thousands of families receive the support and love they need during difficult times.