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When a child is seriously ill or injured, we step in to make sure their family has what they need so they can focus on their well-being.

There’s nothing easy about having a sick child, or one who has been seriously injured. From long hospital stays to never-ending doctor visits to life-altering medications and treatments, the impact it has on day-to-day life is profound.

Our Patient & Family Assistance program provides comprehensive, tailored financial support to help families cope with the challenges and expenses that come with having an ill or injured child.

Social workers or other care providers looking for support for your patients:

Impact in Action

For over two years, Mayeli battled through devastating leukemia treatments. We were there every step of the way, making sure her mom Khalani had the support she needed for her family.

Our flexible support ensures families have what they need when they need it, from day-to-day essentials to unique needs you may not even expect:

Rent, mortgage, and utilities payments

to help a parent who takes time off work to remain at their child’s bedside.

Gas, grocery, or pharmacy gift cards

to help bridge financial challenges associated with their child’s medical care.

Car seats for infants

whose parents come to the hospital with an expired or damaged one, or who do not have the immediate resources to purchase one on their own.

Special equipment

such as a blinking baby monitor for deaf parents of an infant.

Taxi vouchers

to ensure families have access to transportation to and from their medical appointments.

Assistance for bereaved families

including the costs of a burial or cremation or transport of remains or cremains.

Breast/chestfeeding support

such as a pump rental or lactation services.

Other special needs

to maintain a family’s stability during their child’s treatment.

Bringing back the joy

When you’ve been spending a lot of time at medical appointments, sometimes you just need to do something fun. In addition to providing critical financial support, we’re helping families rediscover the joy of being together through engaging local experiences.

Refer a Patient

We require requests for Patient and Family Assistance to be made by a health care professional such as a social worker, case manager, or patient navigator. Through these long-term partnerships with care providers, our team ensures patients have access to support when they need it. If you are a social worker or other care provider interested in receiving support for your patients, please please fill out the form here.

Please note: Patient & Family Assistance is only available for families whose children live in or are under care in Colorado.


For families in need of support, please connect with the social worker or patient support advocate at your hospital or doctor’s office.

Did you receive support from RMCHF? If so, we’d love to hear your story!

Be part of the solution

Thousands of families need our support this year. With your help, we can give these families meaningful relief amidst unimaginable challenges.