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When A’miree was diagnosed with a form of kidney cancer called Wilms Tumor, she was determined to stay strong. Despite the gravity of her diagnosis, A’miree hasn’t let anything defeat her, accepting her cancer’s significant effects, like losing her hair, as “no big deal.”

As a result of her early chemotherapy medication, A’miree lost full functionality of her legs, making it impossible to walk. These side-effects weren’t easy on her mother, Barbaranne. Watching her daughter go through cancer treatment was both emotionally and physically draining.

On top of it all, her one-year-old son Amil had to have open-heart surgery during A’miree’s treatment. The whole family needed a pick-me-up.

That’s when Barbaranne heard about the Stink Bug Project. Through Stink Bug, the family adopted Ace, a wonderful furry friend that gave A’miree the friendship and comfort she needed to get through hard times.

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When Mayeli was rushed to the ER for a fever and a swollen stomach, her mother Khalani had no idea what the next two years would have in store. Just before her second birthday, Mayeli was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia, with cancer cells in almost 90% of her body. Her mother was terrified; she feared the diagnosis was a death sentence.

Mayeli’s two-and-a-half year treatment was hard on her whole family. Khalani experienced her own health challenges as a result of depression, the stress from a lack of income, and the exhaustion from trying to support her family.

Khalani, Mayeli, and their family were struggling with a situation that no family should ever have to go through. In their time of need, the Foundation provided gas, grocery, and other gift cards to ease their everyday burdens and help them stay afloat through Mayeli’s diagnosis and treatment.

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After having surgery in utero, twins Will and Liam were born 11 weeks early, weighing just over three pounds each. The twins were quickly taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for the start of their multi-month stay. Meanwhile, Sara was recovering from labor and patiently waiting for her milk to come in.

But with the twins arriving almost three months before their due date, she wasn’t sure how soon her body would adapt and begin producing the milk they needed. With so much added stress already, Sara knew they needed another solution.

Through their care team, Sara and Bill learned about Mothers’ Milk Bank (MMB) and immediately knew it was the best option for their twins. Thanks to MMB and Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation, they were able to receive the life-saving donor human milk Will and Liam needed to grow and thrive.

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Taylor’s son, Kaiden, was born with an underdeveloped heart, requiring two major open-heart surgeries within the first few years of his life. Because of financial challenges following the unexpected death of her husband, Taylor was unable to make ends meet for her critically ill child and baby. She needed to pay her bills but couldn’t afford it.

In her time of need, financial donors made it possible for Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation to assist Taylor and her family with grocery cards, gas, clothes, and toys so that she could focus on the health and well-being of her children and herself.

“Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation gave me security. They’ve given me comfort. They’ve given me love and you don’t even know me. It feels like they’ve given me a big hug when I needed it most.” — Taylor, Kaiden’s mom

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“Mothers’ Milk Bank has taken a huge weight off my shoulders and just seeing my babies eat well makes me choke up.” — Sarah, the Triplets’ Mother

After an emergency C-section, Sarah successfully delivered triplets Ethan, Sam, and Penelope. The fragile babies, born at just 33 weeks, fought in the NICU for weeks where they received life-saving donor human milk. Once home, Sarah found her stash of frozen breastmilk dwindling as she struggled to supply enough milk to meet the needs of all three babies.

In her time of need, financial donors made it possible for Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation to provide precious human donor milk to the triplets through Mothers’ Milk Bank, giving Sarah’s babies the calories they so desperately needed.

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Annie was born with Down Syndrome and has a tendency to run away at a moment’s notice. She often hides under parked cars, which can be dangerous for Annie and terrifying for her family. They needed a companion dog who could be trained to “Find Annie” and keep her safe.

Annie can always count on Scout to keep her safe and comfort her. When she gets upset, she buries her face in Scout’s fur and cries it out until she feels better, knowing her loving companion will always be there for her.

“I didn’t know dogs were capable of this amount of love in our lives. They are so capable of being more than just a pet. Scout is so emotionally bonded with Annie. I never knew that was possible. And that it could happen in a month.” – Annie’s Mom, Cydney

Featured Family

Meet Desiree & Joe

From the very beginning, timing has been a challenge for baby Joe. He came into the world six weeks early, and then just 20 minutes later, had to be airlifted over four hours away to the nearest neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Meanwhile, his mom Desiree, still recovering from her emergency c-section, felt stranded. She just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, but it was now sinking in that she wouldn’t see him again for many days.

While she recovered at home, she grew more and more anxious for the day she could hold her baby boy. Nearly two weeks later, that day finally came, and it was a day she will never forget.

“You hear about these things happening, but you never thing it’ll happen to me, but then it happens to you,” she says. Desiree’s family lives in rural Colorado, over 4 1/2 hours away from the hospital where baby Joe was being cared for. With just one car and another child at home, she and her husband didn’t know what they were going to do. “I was really concerned about going back and forth and was really trying to figure out how we were supposed to do that, but I didn’t know what to do.”

That’s where the Foundation came in. Thanks to our donors, we were able to provide Desiree’s family with gas cards, making the 9-hour round-trip drive far less stressful.

“I hope the donors know that any amount of help they are giving, any donation, anything, makes such a huge difference, especially for people who are lower income and never expect to have to drive 4 1/2 hours one way just to see your baby,” Desiree says. “Just knowing there are people out there who want to help and help fund a little bit of gas to get back and forth is amazing. I hope they know that we think about them and it means more than they could ever even imagine.”

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