Meet the Family: Annie & Scout



“We all love him! He is such a good boy!”

Annie was born with Down Syndrome and has a tendency to run away at a moment’s notice. Annie’s family needed a companion dog who could be trained to “Find Annie” and keep her safe. She often hides under parked cars, which can be dangerous for Annie and terrifying for her family. Luckily, Scout found his way into Annie’s family. On a recent camping trip, Annie ran away. Her parents yelled, “Scout – find Annie!” and Scout did just that. He immediately took off after Annie and kept her from running any farther.

Annie can always count on Scout to keep her safe and comfort her. When she gets upset, she buries her face in Scout’s fur and cries it out until she feels better – knowing her loving companion will always be there for her.

Annie has also started to learn Scout’s commands and has begun training him along with her parents. This interaction strengthens their bond and instills confidence in Annie’s own abilities.

“I didn’t know dogs were capable of this amount of love in our lives. They are so capable of being more than just a pet. Scout is so emotionally bonded with Annie. I never knew that was possible. And that it could happen in a month.” – Annie’s Mom, Cydney