Meet the Family: The Padilla Family



When Mayeli was rushed to the ER for a fever and a swollen stomach, her mother Khalani had no idea what the next two years would have in store. Just before her second birthday, Mayeli was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia. For the first two months of treatment, Mayeli was seriously ill, with leukemia cells in almost 90% of her body. Her mother was terrified; she feared the diagnosis was a death sentence.

Mayeli’s two-and-a-half year treatment was hard on her whole family, especially since her older siblings were not allowed to visit the hospital. Khalani experienced her own health challenges as a result of depression, the stress from a lack of income, and the exhaustion from trying to support her family.

Khalani, Mayeli, and their family were struggling with a situation that no family should ever have to go through. On top of a terrifying medical diagnosis and treatment, Khalani had to find a way to financially support her family, all the while being present and supportive for her daughter.

In their time of need, Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation provided gas, grocery, and other gift cards to ease their everyday burdens and help them stay afloat through Mayeli’s diagnosis and treatment.