Mothers’ Milk Bank in the News

The growing need for donor human milk

You may have seen Mothers’ Milk Bank on CBS this week talking about the need for donor human milk. Across the country, nonprofit milk banks associated with the Human Milk Banking Association of North America are experiencing an increased need for milk, and we are no exception. The more people are learning about the unmatched benefits of pasteurized donor human milk, the more they want to use it, especially among NICU doctors and care teams. While we are grateful for a steady supply and ongoing interest from donors, we are always looking to increase incoming donations so we can better meet the needs of an expanding recipient base.

We recognize that this type of news can create concern among our hospital partners, but please rest assured. We always prioritize NICU and hospital requests and have no concerns about our ability to meet their current needs. We strongly encourage medical teams to continue using and prescribing pasteurized donor human milk for all babies who need it. As that demand increases, we simply need to increase our supply as well. We hope this call to action will proactively prepare us to serve even more babies in the coming months.

We are eternally grateful for our wonderful milk donors and our Donation and Outreach Centers for helping us continue to expand our impact across the country. We couldn’t do it without you!

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