Our History

in the beggining

In 1983…

Denver mother Joyce Ann needed milk to feed her premature baby, Benjamin. She was not able to produce enough for him and his hospital could only supplement his feedings with formula. Joyce Ann made it her mission to ensure other premature babies had access to donor human milk. She partnered with Dr. Marianne Neifert, “Dr. Mom,” and established Mothers’ Milk Bank in Denver, Colorado in 1984.



1910 – The first milk bank in the United States opened in Boston, MA on a “floating hospital” kept in the harbor to keep the nursing women and infants away from disease.

1984 – Mothers’ Milk Bank was established in Denver, CO.

1985 – Mothers’ Milk Bank joined St. Luke’s Hospital.

1985 – The Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) was established to provide evidenced-based guidelines and standards for the industry.

1993 – Mothers’ Milk Bank moved to the new Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center campus.

2008 – Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation (RMCHF) was established and became the parent organization for Mothers’ Milk Bank.

2011 – The Surgeon General recommended systematic review of safety and health benefits of banked donor milk, development of evidence-based guidelines for use of the milk and establishment of regulation and financial support of donor milk banks.

2012 – The American Academy of Pediatrics recommended, “if mother’s own milk is unavailable, despite significant lactation support, pasteurized donor milk should be used.”

2014 – Mothers’ Milk Bank celebrated their 30th anniversary and the accomplishment of dispensing more than 3 million ounces of donor human milk since opening.

2015 – Mothers’ Milk Bank expanded their facility and received ISO Class 7 cleanroom certification – the first and only nonprofit milk bank in the nation to do so.

2016 – Mothers’ Milk Bank opened its 70th milk donation and outreach center in the United States collecting human milk from donors.

2017 – Mothers’ Milk Bank is on track to dispense more than 900,000 ounces of life-saving donor human milk this year.  We also celebrated dispensing our 5 millionth ounce and 12,000th milk donor since our door opened!


Do you produce milk in excess of your own baby’s needs? If so, consider donating to Mothers’ Milk Bank. Your extra milk could help babies in NICUs all over the country. Just one ounce of milk can feed a micro preemie for an entire day.



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