Posey Made the Hospital a Brighter Place for Sean’s Family

Sean’s courage knows no bounds. Since he was born, he has been bravely fighting through end-stage renal disease, with less than 15% kidney function.

“I think the hardest thing as a mom is that you want to fix things for your kids,” Sean’s mom Jennifer says, “and there’s nothing I can do to fix him.”

Sean is waiting on a kidney transplant, but in the meantime, he spends a lot of time at the hospital. Being away from home for a long time is hard on anyone, but especially a child.

The bright spot along their journey has been Posey, the facility dog at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. Posey works with the hospital’s Child Life team to make pediatric patients feel safe and loved. For Sean’s family, she made a huge difference in their experience. “We are so grateful to have Posey.” Jennifer says, describing her as providing “an extra blanket of comfort.”

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The family is extremely grateful to have access to programs like PAWS for RMHC that give children the extra support they need while they are in the hospital.

“Thank you for supporting programs like this,” Jennifer says, “it made a huge difference for our family “

Thanks to support from Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation, Posey helps thousands of children have a better hospital experience every year.