Meet the Family: Sarah and Oreo



Sarah, a six-year-old with Cri du Chat Syndrome – a rare genetic condition characterized by intellectual disability and delayed development – needed company badly. Her condition has always caused her to be immunocompromised, and with the advent of COVID, she’s become even more isolated. Her family wanted to avoid any activities that would put her at risk, but sometimes, isolation can be almost as traumatizing as illness for a young child. Without siblings or family in Colorado, Sarah needed a companion to get her through these hard times.

“Dogs are in tune with Sarah’s emotions – they celebrate every success, and when Sarah leaves to spend time in the hospital, Oreo cries at the window, waiting for her to come back.”

Sarah began exhibiting harmful behaviors like biting, head banging, and hair pulling. Her behaviors worsened during the pandemic because she couldn’t play with other children her age. That’s when Sarah and her family found Oreo, a golden retriever/pit bull mix. From the first day they met, Sarah was crying from happiness, and Oreo didn’t leave her side. Oreo can accompany her outside, help her with physical therapy, or even cheer Sarah up when she gets home from the hospital.

“Sarah doesn’t like the sun or the heat, and we wanted her to be comfortable outside, being so isolated for the past year. With Oreo, she enjoys walking him, taking him to the park, and enjoying the swings and slides!”