Restoring Hope, Family By Family

Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation is all about one thing: making life better for families and children who are facing pediatric health challenges. Here’s how we do it:

Financial Support

When a family is working through the realities of life with an ill or injured child, day-to-day expenses like rent, gas, and groceries can quickly become overwhelming. Our Patient and Family Assistance program provides critical financial support to these families, allowing them to focus on their child’s wellbeing.

Emotional Support

It can be scary and stressful to face a serious illness or injury, especially as a child. Through our dog adoption program, The Stink Bug Project, and our hospital dog program, PAWS for RMHC, we’re leveraging the power of our furry friends to help reduce that stress and bring joy back to the experience.

Nutritional Support

For nearly 40 years, our Mothers’ Milk Bank program has provided donor human milk to babies across the country. We work closely with both hospitals and outpatient families to ensure newborns in need have access to its life-saving nutritional benefits.

Become part of our family and start making a difference today! We are constantly inspired by all the ways our community wants to give back. Whether you’re interested in making a gift, hosting a donation drive, volunteering your time, or getting involved in an entirely new way, we’d love to connect.