Supporting Families Through Their Child’s Medical Journey

Navigating life with an infant or child with a health condition can be overwhelming, and at Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation, we get it. We believe no family should have to stress about their essential needs during this difficult time. Every day, we provide the financial, nutritional, and emotional support these families need. Because when we do, they can focus on what really matters: being there for their child.

Financial Support

When your child is ill or injured, there are a million worries on your mind and choices to be made – and whether or not you should go to work or stay with your child in the hospital shouldn’t be one of them.

From rent or mortgage payments so children have a home to return to, to grocery or pharmacy gift cards to bridge the gap, to gas cards or taxi vouchers to help them get to and from medical appointments, financial support is about so much more than money. It’s about helping families survive their darkest moments.

Emotional Support

There is a magical connection between dogs and kids, and that connection can make a huge difference during difficult times. Dogs are known to ease the fear, stress, and anxiety that families often feel due to their child’s health issues. These furry companions provide joy and love in otherwise trying situations.

We embrace this healing connection through our dog adoption program, The Stink Bug Project, and our hospital facility dog program, PAWS for RMHC.

Nutritional Support

For nearly 40 years, our Mothers’ Milk Bank program has provided donor human milk to babies across the country. We work closely with both hospitals and outpatient families to ensure newborns in need have access to its life-saving nutritional benefits.

Become part of our family and start making a difference today! We are constantly inspired by all the ways our community wants to give back. Whether you’re interested in making a gift, hosting a donation drive, volunteering your time, or getting involved in an entirely new way, we’d love to connect.